The best cannabis seeds from the Dinafem seed bank.

With winter in the Northern Hemisphere while beautiful outdoor plants grow in the south, it is a good time to schedule a winter harvest if weather permits and this will allow in some warm areas such as southern Spain or the elevator starting next March. This time we will be talking about the autoflowering strains from Dinafem, one of the benchmark seed banks in both feminized and automatic forms. Sativa or Indica, these versions of mythical genetics are of exceptional quality and at Cannoptikum we have them all:

is the automatic version of the original Amnesia. It has a cultivation time of 75 to 90 days, can reach a height of 170 cm under good conditions and provides more than 150 grams per plant. The powerful and intense taste of lemon, haze, incense and pine is a pleasure. The effects are powerful, cerebral and long-lasting, perfect to enjoy with good friends or to get creative.

is an original cross between Auto Blueberry and Original Amnesia Auto, the main characteristic of which is the subtle aroma and taste of berries and black pepper. It has powerful physical, mental and very long-lasting effects, ideal for invigorating conversations with friends. Under favorable conditions, it is a strain that can reach 170 grams per plant in around 75-80 days after cultivation.

is a great cross between an Auto Blueberry and a Cheese Autoflowering. It has a cultivation time of about 65-75 days, during which we can delight with its delicate red fruit smell with undertones of cured cheese. The power supply is ideal to disconnect from a hard day at work. It's rarely taller than 120 cm and has a good yield of up to 150 grams per plant.

brings together two autoflowering strains from Critical + Auto and Auto Blueberry, resulting in a plant with great production and a delicate taste of berries, lemon and pine. Perfect for spending good moments of relaxation alone or in the company of good friends. It is a variety that can reach a meter and a half in height and a production of 170 grams in a total cultivation time of around 70-80 days.

Blue Kush Autoflowering is the result of the union of Auto Blueberry and OG Kush Autoflowering, a plant that in 75 days of growing gives us a large amount of resinous buds with delicious aromas of red fruits, fresh fruits and oils. It has very cerebral and physical effects for a long time, in perfect balance for any time of day. It can reach a meter and a half high and a dry production of 170 grams.

is the automatic version of Bubba Kush '98, crossed with a White Widow Autoflowering, which gives it its autoflowering character without touching the Kush charm. In good weather, with a production of succulent flowers, it can reach five feet in just 70-80 days. It has aromas and flavors of oil and earth with a powerful, very relaxing and long-lasting effect that is perfect to end a long day at work or use as medical marijuana.

is the autoflowering version of the renowned British cheese with a touch of Critical +. It has a distinctive aged cheese flavor and aroma and spectacular resin production. In good conditions, in around 70 days of cultivation it can reach a height of 135 cm and a production of almost 140 grams per plant. It is highly recommended that you relax, disconnect, or do nothing.

is the result of the merging of Exodus Cheese and Cheese Auto, which enhances the flavors and aromas of cheese from the other version. Sometimes in 80 days of cultivation it can exceed one and a half meters in height and 150 grams per plant, with compact flowers that smell unmistakably of cheese, fresh flowers, skunk and spices. Ideal for relaxing and having a good time with friends.

is one of the autoflowering versions of the famous Critical +. Complete plant like no other, offers good production, tasty and powerful flowers. Under good growing conditions, it can reach heights of 130 cm in around 70-80 days with yields in excess of 300 grams per plant. It has an exquisite lemon flavor with a long-lasting effect of relaxation and calm for the body and mind.

is one of the versions of the famous Critical +, this time combined with Roadrunner Auto to give it its autoflowering character. It is a small and compact plant that can reach 90 cm in good conditions and has a production of 200 grams of abundant flowers with an incredible taste of lemon, wood and spice. It is a great way to end the day, relax and unwind. It has a total cultivation time of around 65-70 days.

is a cross between two great genetics like Critical + Auto and Cheese Auto. It is a compact strain rarely taller than 120 cm and producing super resinous buds of 180 grams per plant in a total growing time of 65 to 75 days. It has an incredible taste of cheese and lemon with relaxing and long lasting effects, great to end the day and watch TV.

is a perfect combination between Critical Jack and Roadrunner Auto. Without touching the great properties of the non-automatic version, a strain has been achieved with a high production of up to 230 grams of flowers in the plant of a maximum of one meter in height and 70-80 days of cultivation. It has a great taste of citrus, exotic woods and spices. with a balanced effect, perfect at any time of the day.

Dinamex Autoflowering is a great automatic hybrid that results from the combination of Dinamex and Haze 2.0 Auto. The predominant sativa strain will fill our plants with aromas of citrus and diesel. It has a medium-sized warehouse with productions that can reach 160 grams per plant in just 75 days. Ideal for having good times with friends, laughing, talking, or doing creative tasks.

is made from the combination of Lowryder # 1, Dinafem # 1 and Grapefruit, a delicious, very compact and small strain that can reach 160 grams per plant in just 2 months of cultivation. It has an exquisite taste of ripe berries, very sweet, with powerful and long-lasting effects, very suitable to spend good moments of relaxation and get rid of our worries.

is a sativa dominant strain that results from crossing a Haze Auto with a Jack Herer with a very Haze phenotype. The result is an automatic with all the charm of these mythical genetics, with a height of just over a meter and a harvest that can reach 250 grams in a maximum of 80 days of cultivation. It has very subtle aromas of citrus fruits, cedar and spices and a very high and euphoric potency, ideal for a good time in company.

Haze Autoflowering CBD was born from the combination of Haze Auto XXL and a pure Auto CBD. It's an automatic sativa with compact growth, rapid flowering, and the charm of the mythical haze that has given us so many joys for decades. In good conditions, it can reach 210 grams per plant in just 70-80 days after flowering, with some flowers with citrus, wood, spice and cathedral flavors. Ideal effects to start conversations or to laugh with good friends.

is a clever combination of Haze 2.0 Auto and Jack Herer. It is a very productive plant with compact and resinous flowers with frankincense, pine, lemon and exotic woods. It has strong, cerebral, and long-lasting effects and is perfect for any type of task in good company. In good conditions, it is a strain that can reach a height of one and a half meters and that will give us up to 185 grams per plant in about 90 days.

is an excellent cross between an OG Kush and a Cheese Auto, resulting in plants with great tastes of pine, citrus, and cheese. Its effects are powerful, relaxing and long-lasting, very suitable for relaxing after a hard day of activity. In good conditions, it is a variety that can reach a height of one and a half meters and produce resin flowers of up to 150 grams in approximately 75 days after all of the cultivation.

is one of the automated versions of Dinafem's flagship product. It is an extraordinary mix of Haze Auto and White Widow Autoflowering with a great taste of lemon, haze, cedar and incense and very strong and long lasting effects, ideal for fun moments with friends or creative tasks. In good conditions it reaches 130 cm with productions of almost 230 grams per plant in just two and a half months of cultivation.

is one of the autoflowering versions of one of the best plants in the Dinafem catalog. On that occasion, the combination was White Widow XXL Auto and Haze XXL Auto, which resulted in large plants and harvests that can be around 200 grams per plant in around 80 days of cultivation. Citrus flavors, pine, wood, and sweet incense, it's a strain to have good times with friends.

OG Kush Auflowering is the automatic version of these great genetics that have been crossed with Haze 2.0 Autoflowering to make them even more exotic. A plant that can easily reach six feet will provide yields of up to 170 grams per plant with very pronounced aromas and flavors of lemon, oil and pepper. Its effects are very powerful, physical, mental and long lasting, very suitable for having good times with friends or doing any kind of creative task.

Original Amnesia Autoflowering is the automatic version of the great Dutch Amnesia genetics combined with Haze Autoflowering to maintain the Sativa trait. With plants of up to one and a half meters with around 230 grams of compact flowers with aromas of lemon, cedar, haze and spices, we will enjoy alone or in the company of good friends. It has a total cultivation time of between 75 and 85 days.

is an intelligent cross between Sour Diesel and Haze 2.0 Autoflowering, a plant that grows more than a meter under favorable conditions and delivers a harvest of up to 170 grams in around 70 days. With the aromas of diesel, citrus fruits, oil and wood, thanks to its powerful and persistent effect, we can spend unforgettable moments in the company of our friends or carry out any kind of creative task.

is a perfect combination of the automatic versions of White Widow and Cheese, a plant with an exceptional aroma of cheese and fresh flowers and strong physical effects, ideal for relaxing after a busy day. Under favorable conditions it can grow up to cm and provide us with harvests on almost any day of cultivation.

White Widow XXL Autoflowering is created by crossing White Widow and White Widow Autoflowering. Elegant plant where it exists combines production, strength and flavor with citrus, bittersweet and floral aromas. Its physical effects invite you to rest and relax. Under good conditions we get plants up to 130 cm and with harvests of almost 170 grams in about 80 days of cultivation.


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