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Setting High Standards

The story of freya CBDCURE begins with Andreina Fernandez's deep connection to the hemp plant, whose ancient tradition is recognized worldwide. Freya, named after the Germanic goddess of fertility, happiness, and love, stands for the highest quality and natural healing powers.

The founding of freya CBDCURE was a personal mission: Andreina, originally from Venezuela, personally experienced the healing power of CBD. "Chronic back pain, stress, and the climate in Austria made life difficult for me. My back pain became chronic, and eventually, I lost my job. A tip from relatives in the USA brought me the solution: CBD helped me relax, my pain disappeared, and I found restful sleep. This experience changed my life and inspired me to found freya CBDCURE, to make the positive powers of this wonderful plant accessible to others."

"I was amazed by Europe's rich history of hemp. With freya CBDCURE, I want to continue this tradition and help people overcome the challenges of modern life," says Andreina.


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