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Andreina's exploration of the history of hemp, which has a millennia-old tradition worldwide, eventually led to the name: Freya. Among the ancient Germanic people, Freya was revered as the goddess of fertility and spring, happiness and love, and as a teacher of magic.

The idea of founding freya CBDCURE originated from personal reasons: Andreina Fernandez De Schafferer, a native Venezuelan, faced numerous challenges and the consequences of her athletic pursuits in her adopted home. "Chronic back pain, the stressful daily life, and the climate in Austria took a toll on me. The back pain became chronic, the burden too much - the loss of my job was the result. A tip from relatives in the USA brought me the solution to my problems: CBD helped me relax mentally and physically - the back pain is gone, I sleep well, and I feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I am doing so well that I decided to create my own workplace with CBD products and allow other people to experience the positive powers of this centuries-old 'miracle herb'."

"I was surprised that hemp also has such a history here in Europe - freya CBDCURE wants to build on this tradition and help people tackle the challenges of the 21st century," says Andreina.


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